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One Day Too Long: Top Secret Site 85 and the Bombing of North Vietnam (Timothy Castle Book)

Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big (Chris Paul Book)

Everybody told Chris that he was too small to play basketball. But he ignored them all...because he had big dreams. And, he loved the game.

Too Long a Stranger (Women of the West, Book 9) (Janette Oke Book)

A recent widow, Sarah Perry's resolve helps her survive the frontier, but will she hold up after as her daughter leaves home? A Woman of the West Book.

Too Long in the Sun (Richard Rives Book)

Too Long in the Sun is packed with details which relate to the apostasy of the "Last Days"; prophesied by both the Old and New Testaments. Revealed are th astonishing facts about the ancient "Mysteries" and their Satanic influence upon present day thought.

Too Long at the Dance: The sequel to 'Shortgrass Song' (Mike Blakely Book)

Mike Blakely again takes us on the trail with cowboy musician Caleb Holcomb. Caleb now becomes embroiled in Wyoming's Johnson County War, the Arapaho uprisings, the West's bloody cattle wars, the great cattle drives, and the wild, lawless land rushes that settled the Indian Territory.Through it all Caleb finds music, friends, and wonderful women. But will he ever settle down with Amelia Holcomb, his brother's widow, the only woman he's ever loved? Or will he stay too long at the dance?

Too Long the Winter: A Western Frontier Adventure (Robert Peecher Book)

In the mountains of Colorado Territory in 1872, the winters are too long. When Old Bear Le Vrette goes to town for supplies, he sees his dead wife in the face of Lilly Grace Hanson. He forces the young girl to go with him into the mountains. Now a desperate father and a U.S. Marshal must turn to the one man who knows the mountains as well as Bear Le Vrette. But can they trust Le Vrette’s friend to track the trapper through the rugged country? Luther Corbett left the world behind. A veteran of the war, he sought peace in the mountains. He wanted to escape the troubles of men, but men have sought him out in his mountain hideaway to bring their troubles to his door. Worse, he believes they intend to kill his old friend. The posse of three will have to overcome the threats of nature, wildlife, and the plans of the old mountain trapper, but if they are going to save young Lilly Grace Hanson, they will also have to overcome each other. If you enjoy Western frontier adventures set in the Old West, then you will love Too Long the Winter.

We Live Too Short and Die Too Long: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Natural 100-Year-Plus Life Span (Walter Bortz Book)

“Here is a book on health that puts it all together—a book that gives you the feeling that a personal friend is sharing things of great value with you.”—Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness Do you expect to live to be 100—and remain healthy and active throughout your very long life? Walter M. Bortz, M.D., a leading authority on aging, former co-chairman of the AMA-ANA Task Force on Aging, and faculty member at Stanford University, says you should. Drawing on a fascinating range of research into the human life span, he shows that America’s thousands of centenarians are simply living out the healthy, active, natural life the human body was designed to achieve: one million hours, or 120 years. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Bortz sets out the essential, controllable elements of longevity and spells out effective, dynamic strategies to help you prevent premature death and add decades of active, satisfying life. He outlines the basic practices you can start today­­—no matter what your age. And his program of eight simple directives includes both physical and psychological goals that feed the human spirit . . . and allow you to enjoy life fully for more years than you ever thought possible.

If We Dream Too Long (Singapore Classics) (Poh Seng Goh Book)

Widely regarded as the first Singapore novel, If We Dream Too Long explores the dilemmas and challenges faced by its hero, Kwang Meng, as he navigates the difficult transitional period between youthful aspirations and the external demands of society and family. Shy and sensitive, he feels detached from mainstream life and is unable to identify with the values that animate his friends. Kwang Meng takes refuge in dreams of exotic faraway places, and imagines merging himself with the sea, which he loves. Yet amidst this uncertainty, the reader feels that all is not lost, that the young dreamer will eventually find his way. Kwang Meng's experiences reflect the author's fascination with the question of self amidst the dreariness and aimlessness of an increasingly urbanized and materialistic Asian society. This book also provides a fascinating portrait of Singapore as it was in the 1960s, a landscape and society that have undergone many changes but remain faintly visible in modern Singapore. Since its first publication in 1972, If We Dream Too Long has moved and delighted generations of readers. This much-loved novel has been used as a text in university literature courses in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and has been translated into Tagalog and Russian. «Goh Poh Seng's If We Dream Too Long remains a landmark in Singapore literature. It is also a wonderful read. For those from his generation, it will be wonderful to have him with us again, while for an entire younger generation who may not have read his work, Dr. Goh's writing is a testament to Singapore's literary heritage.» -Phan Ming Yen, The Arts House

In the Storm Too Long: Refusing to Lose This Battle (Felisa L. Shelby Book)

Format Hardcover Subject Antiques Collectibles

No Night Is Too Long (English and Spanish Edition) (Barbara Vine Book)

Set in Alaska and Suffolk, this story involves a brother (Ivo) and sister (Isabel), each of whom has a sexual relationship with Tim. When Ivo is left for dead on an Arctic island, the way seems clear for Tim and Isabel. But nothing plays itself out in the way one might expect.