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Too Long a Stranger (Women of the West Book #9) (Janette Oke eBooks)

Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big (Chris Paul Book)

Everybody told Chris that he was too small to play basketball. But he ignored them all...because he had big dreams. And, he loved the game.

Watched Too Long: A Thriller (Val Ryker series Book 4) (Array eBooks)

Small town Wisconsin cop Val Ryker is about to move in with her longtime firefighter boyfriend when her old boss asks for a favor. Former Chicago Homicide lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels, needs Val to babysit for a few days.Val isn’t comfortable around toddlers, but she accepts.Then one baby becomes two, and some criminals from Jack’s past come calling with child abduction and arson on their agenda.Val might not know babies. But she knows a whole lot about putting up a fight...WATCHED TOO LONG by Ann Voss Peterson and JA KonrathSome would kill for a good babysitter…Watched Too Long is the 4th story in the Val Ryker series.

Leopoldville: A Tragedy Too Long Secret (Allan Andrade Book)

Reviews of Allan Andrade's book, S.S. Leopoldville December 24, 1944 published in 1997 Thanks to the publication of this book and the publicity that it has received on regional and national television programs, Americans can now understand what had been a hidden tragedy. The book, in conjunction with the monument and memorials at Ft. Benning, helps ensure that the gallantry and sacrifices of the men of the 66th Infantry Division will no longer be unrecognized as they had been in the past. Dr. Steve Grove, USMA Historian, West Point, New York Allan Andrade's book is an excellent story of human courage in the face of a horrible tragedy. His book gives the reader an idea of what it must have been like to be aboard a sinking ship in the English Channel on Christmas Eve 1944. His extensive interviews with survivors tell how human error played a role in the death of so many U.S. soldiers and how lucky some survivors were to be in the right place at the right time. It was heartbreaking to read how the government lied to so many families who only wanted to know the truth about the fate of their loved one. It truly was a hard book to put down. Joseph P. Napsha, Reporter, Tribune - Review, Greensburg, Pennsylvania Through careful piecing together of survivors' accounts, of photos and wartime letters of both survivors and victims, Andrade weaves a heartbreaking narrative from the beginning of the calamity to its bitter conclusion. In this book, strangers otherwise lost to history are redeemed from the shadows. Ghosts speak in tender love letters of dreams and hopes, of their undying affection for dear ones. They stare gallantly from faded photos, their soldiers' hats jauntily cocked, their eyesanxious. They pose stiffly in family portraits, young kids clinging to their knees. Lovely wives with soft, 1940s hairdos, hug their babies. In the book, we learn firsthand of heroic rescues, desperate acts, brutal deaths, incomprehensible suffering and grief. The History Channel video of the event focuses on the military cover up.. Yet, it does not come close to conveying the gripping horror, pathos and heroism found in Andrade's book. Lynn Ascrizzi, Reporter, Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine

Too Long the Winter: A Western Frontier Adventure (Robert Peecher eBooks)

In the mountains of Colorado Territory in 1872, the winters are too long. When Old Bear Le Vrette goes to town for supplies, he sees his dead wife in the face of Lilly Grace Hanson. He forces the young girl to go with him into the mountains. Now a desperate father and a U.S. Marshal must turn to the one man who knows the mountains as well as Bear Le Vrette. But can they trust Le Vrette's friend to track the trapper through the rugged country? Luther Corbett left the world behind. A veteran of the war, he sought peace in the mountains. He wanted to escape the troubles of men, but men have sought him out in his mountain hideaway to bring their troubles to his door. Worse, he believes they intend to kill his old friend. The posse of three will have to overcome the threats of nature, wildlife, and the plans of the old mountain trapper, but if they are going to save young Lilly Grace Hanson, they will also have to overcome each other. If you enjoy Western frontier adventures set in the Old West, then you will love Too Long the Winter.Get it now and join the posse as they track Bear and Lilly Grace through the Colorado wilderness.

We Live Too Short and Die Too Long: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Natural 100-Year-Plus Life Span (Walter Bortz Book)

“Here is a book on health that puts it all together—a book that gives you the feeling that a personal friend is sharing things of great value with you.”—Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness Do you expect to live to be 100—and remain healthy and active throughout your very long life? Walter M. Bortz, M.D., a leading authority on aging, former co-chairman of the AMA-ANA Task Force on Aging, and faculty member at Stanford University, says you should. Drawing on a fascinating range of research into the human life span, he shows that America’s thousands of centenarians are simply living out the healthy, active, natural life the human body was designed to achieve: one million hours, or 120 years. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Bortz sets out the essential, controllable elements of longevity and spells out effective, dynamic strategies to help you prevent premature death and add decades of active, satisfying life. He outlines the basic practices you can start today­­—no matter what your age. And his program of eight simple directives includes both physical and psychological goals that feed the human spirit . . . and allow you to enjoy life fully for more years than you ever thought possible.

One Day Too Long: Top Secret Site 85 and the Bombing of North Vietnam (Timothy Castle Book)

One of the Vietnam War's most closely guarded secrets―a highly classified U.S. radar base in the mountains of neutral Laos―led to the disappearance of a small group of elite military personnel, a loss never fully acknowledged by the American government. Now, thirty years later, one book recounts the harrowing story―and offers some measure of closure on this decades-old mystery.Because of the covert nature of the mission at Lima Site 85―providing bombing instructions to U.S. Air Force tactical aircraft from the "safe harbor" of a nation that was supposedly neutral―the wives of the eleven servicemen were warned in no uncertain terms never to discuss the truth about their husbands. But one wife, Ann Holland, refused to remain silent. Timothy Castle draws on her personal records and recollections as well as upon a wealth of interviews with surviving servicemen and recently declassified information to tell the full story.The result is a tale worthy of Tom Clancy but told by a scholar with meticulous attention to historical accuracy. More than just an account of government deception, One Day Too Long is the story of the courageous men who agreed to put their lives in danger to perform a critical mission in which they could not be officially acknowledged. Indeed the personnel at Site 85 agreed to be "sheep-dipped"―removed from their military status and technically placed in the employ of a civilian company. Castle reveals how the program, code-named "Heavy Green," was conceived and approved at the highest levels of the U.S. government. In spine tingling detail, he describes the selection of the men and the construction and operation of the radar facility on a mile-high cliff in neutral Laos, even as the North Vietnamese Army began encircling the mountain. He chronicles the communist air attack on Site 85, the only such aerial bombing of the entire Vietnam War. A saga of courage, cover-up, and intrigue One Day Too Long tells how, in a shocking betrayal of trust, for thirty years the U.S. government has sought to hide the facts and now seeks to acquiesce to perfidious Vietnamese explanations for the disappearance of eleven good men.

Not Too Long Ago: Stories of a Traditional Way of Life (Garry Cranford eBooks)

When God Takes Too Long: Learning to Thrive During Life's Delays (Joseph Bentz Book)

One of the greatest frustrations of the Christian life is having to wait for God to act. We wait, sometimes for years, for our prayers to be answered, for our deepest longings to be fulfilled.Some devoted Christians get stuck in dead-end jobs even though they feel certain they could serve God in greater ways if only He would open the opportunity. Why doesn’t He? Some wait for a godly spouse, some couples wait for the gift of children, and some, who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord, wait in disappointed bafflement as their work seems to yield no fruit. Why?As Christians, we yearn to serve the Lord, to step forward and obey Him like the great heroes of the Bible, but we are confused, waiting for clear orders, kept at a distance by the invisible barriers of God’s silence, His inaction, or His unhurried pace.In When God Takes Too Long, Joseph Bentz examines the mysteries of God’s timing and shows Christians how to thrive in the midst of one of life’s greatest frustrations--waiting. He offers those who have been discouraged by a life of waiting a chance to alter not only their perspective on waiting, but also their actions in response to it, transforming this frustration into a positive force that will enrich and change their lives.When God Takes Too Long addresses:How not to wish (or wait) our lives awayHow to better understand the nature of timeHow to master the discipline of waitingHow to cast off the boundaries of time to view our lives from an eternal perspective

Too Long in the Sun (Richard Rives Book)

Too Long in the Sun is packed with details which relate to the apostasy of the "Last Days"; prophesied by both the Old and New Testaments. Revealed are th astonishing facts about the ancient "Mysteries" and their Satanic influence upon present day thought.