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Too Long; Didn't Read: A Condensation of the New Testament Epistles (Steven O'Keefe Book)

The Internet age has given rise to a new genre of terminology. One of these is “tl;dr” – short for “too long; didn’t read”. You’ll see it used in Internet comment spaces when someone writes a post which is so lengthy that the recipient simply refuses to spend the time reading and comprehending it. We are too used to 140 character tweets and two-sentence memes. As a youth minister and catechist, I have noticed how this spills into the study of Scripture, or the lack thereof. For many people something like the letter to the Romans is too long and impenetrable to bother with. In effect, people look at Saint Paul (and John and Peter) and say “tl;dr”. Now, some people, knowing they are writing something which may be dismissed for its length, will also offer a “tl;dr version” of their post. This means providing a concise summary of the larger whole. That’s what I have tried to do here with the New Testament epistles. I wanted to shrink them down to one-fifth size in a way which is faithful to the content of the inspired originals. Whether this is used in place of the actual Scriptures or as a stepping stone up to them is entirely up to you. [tl;dr version: Here’s some condensed versions of the New Testament letters. I hope they help.]

Watched Too Long: A Thriller (Val Ryker series Book 4) (Array eBooks)

Small town Wisconsin cop Val Ryker is about to move in with her longtime firefighter boyfriend when her old boss asks for a favor. Former Chicago Homicide lieutenant Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels, needs Val to babysit for a few days.Val isn’t comfortable around toddlers, but she accepts.Then one baby becomes two, and some criminals from Jack’s past come calling with child abduction and arson on their agenda.Val might not know babies. But she knows a whole lot about putting up a fight...WATCHED TOO LONG by Ann Voss Peterson and JA KonrathSome would kill for a good babysitter…Watched Too Long is the 4th story in the Val Ryker series.

One Day Too Long: Top Secret Site 85 and the Bombing of North Vietnam (Timothy Castle Book)

Too Long a Stranger (Women of the West, Book 9) (Janette Oke Book)

A recent widow, Sarah Perry's resolve helps her survive the frontier, but will she hold up after as her daughter leaves home? A Woman of the West Book.

Long Shot: Never Too Small to Dream Big (Chris Paul Book)

Everybody told Chris that he was too small to play basketball. But he ignored them all...because he had big dreams. And, he loved the game.

We Live Too Short and Die Too Long: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Natural 100-Year-Plus Life Span (Walter M. Bortz II Book)

Over a decade ago Dr. Walter M. Bortz put forth his remarkable claim that we are not only biologically programmed to surpass the conventional life expectancy, but that our very approach to aging is grounded in misconceptions and wrong-headedness. The newly revised and expanded edition of We Live Too Short and Die Too Long: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Natural 100-Year-Plus Life Span reaches out to the now (or soon to be) graying generation of baby boomers and their families to discuss the keys to unlocking this innate longevity and coping with it in context of the 21st century via his six precepts for successful aging.Though great advances in science and medicine have been achieved, it is our perceptions of aging that still prevent us from living as long and as enjoyably as we possibly can. That the perceptions and realities of aging have shifted so drastically since publication of the 1992 edition only underscores the fact that Dr. Bortz's pioneering research is foundational to our understanding of this subject.

Too Long the Winter: A Western Frontier Adventure (Robert Peecher eBooks)

In the mountains of Colorado Territory in 1872, the winters are too long. When Old Bear Le Vrette goes to town for supplies, he sees his dead wife in the face of Lilly Grace Hanson. He forces the young girl to go with him into the mountains. Now a desperate father and a U.S. Marshal must turn to the one man who knows the mountains as well as Bear Le Vrette. But can they trust Le Vrette's friend to track the trapper through the rugged country? Luther Corbett left the world behind. A veteran of the war, he sought peace in the mountains. He wanted to escape the troubles of men, but men have sought him out in his mountain hideaway to bring their troubles to his door. Worse, he believes they intend to kill his old friend. The posse of three will have to overcome the threats of nature, wildlife, and the plans of the old mountain trapper, but if they are going to save young Lilly Grace Hanson, they will also have to overcome each other. If you enjoy Western frontier adventures set in the Old West, then you will love Too Long the Winter.Get it now and join the posse as they track Bear and Lilly Grace through the Colorado wilderness.

Dead Too Long (Ron Handberg Book)

Reporter Gabriel "Gabby" Gooding's unexpected arrival at Channel 7 is met with suspicion and resentment, and her rst assignment, which involves the discovery of a long-dead body in the basement of a Minneapolis home, pits her against the rest of the sta because she suspects it was murder rather than suicide. Her troubles are compounded when, before she gets a chance to settle in, Gabby is forced to confront a gure from her past who has tracked her down to the Twin Cities. As the suicide/murder investigation unfolds, Gabby and photographer Zach Anthony must also follow the twisted trail of this fugitive hiding in plain sight-a fugitive who would do anything to protect his identity ... and his freedom."

No Night Is Too Long (Barbara Vine Book)

The author of Anna's Book -- who was hailed as "one of the finest practitioners of her craft in the English-speaking world" by the New York Times Book Review -- has written a relentlessly compelling tale of sexual obsession, mistaken identity, and murder.Tim thought he'd gotten away with it. For months after the murder off the Alaskan coast he'd heard not a word. No policeman at his door asking questions. Nothing. And then the letters began. At first they seemed almost innocuous accounts of historical events. But a common theme emerged quickly. It was particularly germane to Tim, and it related directly to murder.In No Night Is Too Long, Barbara Vine has written a tour de force, rich in characters and setting, a remarkable novel by an internationally celebrated master of her craft. To research the book, the author and her husband embarked on a boat trip from Seattle up the Alaskan coast. The stark beauty of that experience provides No Night Is Too Long with an extraordinarily vivid sense of place. The novel's exploration of sexual identity and guilt represents a departure for Vine. Its resolution -- as always -- is a stunning surprise.

I'Ve Been Gone Far Too Long: Field Study Fiascoes and Expedition Disasters (Travel Literature Series) (Array Book)