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The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating (Christina Fisanick Greer Book)

The Optimistic Food Addict explores the author's journey through recovery from binge eating disorder. Inspirational, honest, and motivating, this book is guaranteed to contribute significantly to the recovery of readers who also suffer from food addiction as they feel the gritty, raw truth behind the author's words.

The Optimistic Food Addict's Recovery Journal & Activity Workbook (Christina Fisanick Greer Ph.D. Book)

A comprehensive journal and activity workbook for people in recovery from food addiction or binge eating disorder.

Coloring for Recovery from Bing Eating Disorder: Original Art and Writing Prompts for Healing (Christina Fisanick Greer PhD Book)

Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. combines her expertise as a writing teacher and author of more than 30 books with her firsthand experience in recovery from binge eating disorder to create a coloring book for healing. Each coloring page is hand drawn and inspired by a quote from an eating disorder expert. The opposite page contains a set of questions for reflection so the user can journal their thoughts. It is the perfect combination of coloring, writing, and meditation.