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Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit (Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs Toy)

LEGO Chain Reactions is packed full of ideas, instructions, and inspiration for 10 LEGO machines that spin, swing, pivot, roll, lift, and drop. Each machine alone is awesome, but put them together and you get incredible chain reactions. Then, combine the machines in any order you like to create your own chain reactions. Our team of experts worked with educators and 11-year-olds to invent the machines, then wrote a book that teaches the skills (and some of the physics behind the fun) kids need to create their own amazing chain reaction machines.Our book includes 33 special LEGO elements that combine with basic bricks from your collection to make your machines go. But don’t worry that you won’t have the right bricks; we worked with the folks at LEGO to make sure you’ll need only the most common bricks, and that there are plenty of substitutes. The result is a chain reaction of fun, as one thing leads to another… and another… and another.Comes with: 78 page book, 33 LEGO elements, 6 LEGO balls, 6 feet of string, 8 paper ramps, 2 paper pop-up signs, 1 paper funnel ramp, 1 paper flag, 1 paper bucket, 1 platform

The The Hand Book: Explore the Handiest Part of Your Body (Array Book)

The Hand Book comes with a life-sized skeleton hand, an irresistible invitation to finding our what goes on under your skin. Assembling the 22 snap-together bones is rewarding in itself. And when you’re done, you’ve got a scientifically accurate, movable model on a sturdy display stand. Then check out the tons of intriguing, educational, and just plain cool hand activities we’ve included to help you discover what makes your own hands so remarkable. The skeleton hand is a serious learning tool — and if you happen to leave it someplace where it will scare your sister, that’s just a bonus.Comes With: 22 piece, custom Klutz build-it-yourself model of a human hand• Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun

Par Robot! Part Toothbrush? Invasion of the Bristlebots ( Book)

Invasion of the Bristlebots comes with two mini-robots — basically motorized toothbrush heads. These guys zoom around like caffeinated cockroaches, spinning, skittering, and bouncing off walls. Resistance is futile. The book bristles with ideas for robot games and activities: race robots against each other, use the included punch-out walls to construct a bristlebot maze, stage a robot sumo-wrestling match. You can even customize your Bots with the provided wire legs, feelers, and beady eyes. With grateful acknowledgement to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.Comes With: 2 brush heads, 2 robotivators, clip, wire, beads• Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines (Scientists Of Klutz Labs Book)

Everything you need to fly like a pro, indoors or out. Our three only-from-Klutz, rubber band powered airplanes have been carefully engineered for coolness, from the extra-large Firebird (an impressive 19-inch wingspan), to the acrobatic Lightning Looper (it really loops), to the Shooting Star (which makes such tight turns you can fly it in the living room). Simple directions explain how to assemble the planes from the included parts and, just as importantly, how to fly them for maximum performance. And by experimenting with the variations in the book, junior aviators will learn basic principles of aerodynamics and physics.Comes With: punch-out foam parts for 3 different planes, plastic propellors, propeller supports, wing mounts, rear hooks, tail booms, wooden motor sticks, rubber strips• Create wonderful things • Be good • Have funBook Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 1/1/1948Pages: 46

Boom! Splat! Kablooey!: Safe Science That's a Real Blast (Scientists Of Klutz Labs Book)

WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD! Children under 8 yrs can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.Boom! Splat! Kablooey! comes with all the special equipment you need to make ordinary ingredients from your kitchen go boom in impressive — yet non-destructive — style. A Geyser Tube™ and a depth charge make table salt and a bottle of soda into a backyard geyser. A bevy of balloons turns a regular pop into a big ol’ BOOM. And the Can o’ pops is specially designed to explode again and again and again and… you get the idea. We’re all charged up to get kids learning about science. And have a blast doing it.Comes With: 4 balloons, Geyser Tube, depth charge, can o' thousand pops• Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun

The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (Klutz Guides) (Array Book)

Explore the universe without leaving your backyard. This cosmic tool kit has all the facts and galactic gadgets you need: a build-it-yourself telescope, night-sight flashlight that lets your eyes stay adjusted to the dark, star and moon maps, a mariner’s quadrant, and tons of cool tips and activities for navigating the vastness of space.  Whether you’re an astronomer or astronaut, the sky’s not the limit anymore.Comes with: 78 page book, collapsible telescope, night-sight-saver flashlight, sundial, mariner's quadrant, two interactive wheels, Galactic Passport

Boom! Splat! Kablooey! Book Kit- (The Scientists of Klutz Labs,Scientists of Klutz Labs,Pat (EDT) Murphy,Scientists of Klutz Labs (EDT) Pat Murphy Book)

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines (Klutz) by Scientists Of Klutz Labs (2010-06-15) ( Book)

By Scientists Of Klutz Labs Boom! Splat! Kablooey!: Safe Science That's a Real Blast (Klutz) (Spiral-bound) October 1, 2009 (Scientists Of Klutz Labs Book)

SAMI NOUNOURS MAGIQUE: Non à l'intimidation! (Édition en couleurs) (French Edition) (Murielle Bourdon eBooks)

SAMI, nounours magique vient en aide aux enfants qui se sentent seuls et qui font face à des événements troublants qui surviennent au cours de leur vie. Aujourd'hui, SAMI intervient dans la vie de Thomas qui fait face à la moquerie et l'intimidation pour l'épauler et l'aider à passer à travers ces moments difficiles...