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Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave (Joanna Gaines Book)

#1 New York Times BestsellerIn Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there. Using examples from her own farmhouse as well as a range of other homes, this comprehensive guide will help you assess your priorities and instincts, as well as your likes and dislikes, with practical steps for navigating and embracing your authentic design style. Room by room, Homebody gives you an in-depth look at how these styles are implemented as well as how to blend the looks you're drawn to in order to create spaces that feel distinctly yours. A removable design template at the back of the book offers a step-by-step guide to planning and sketching out your own design plans. The insight shared in Homebody will instill in you the confidence to thoughtfully create spaces you never want to leave.

Make Him Beg to Be Yours: 14 Sneaky Steps to Win His Heart, Get Him to Commit, and Never Want to Leave You (Dominic Mann eBooks)

How To Get His Commitment… Without Trying To Get His CommitmentIf you would like to get your man to commit… even if the very word“commitment” makes him tense up and quickly change topic… then this book will show you how.Make Him Commit… And Think It Was His Idea!The problem is not that he’s “not ready for a relationship.” The problem is that he’s not sure you’re the “right” woman.But fear not. Inside this book, you’ll learn step by step how to make him see you as the kind of woman he wants to commit to.You’re about to discover…How to make him value you 10X more. (Seriously, it works every time. And, if you don’t do this, he will never truly value you—even if you do everything else “right”.)The secret to making him see commitment not as a prison sentence but as a way to be more freeWhy he won’t commit. (Hint: You’ll never see this mentioned in traditional women’s magazines and television shows.)A powerful collection of techniques—taken straight out of some of the most hardcore psychology textbooks—that will empower you to indirectly make your man rabidly eager to lock you down while he still canAnd much more!Watch Him Go From Casual To CommittedHere’s a few more nibbles from inside the book…Exactly, word for word, what to say to him if he says he’s “not ready for a relationship”What men really want. (These are the things that make men say to themselves, “Now that is girlfriend/wife material right there.”)How to use the so-called “mirror effect” to avoid accidently “pushing him away”Advanced tips such as how to tip the relationship dynamics in your favorHow to make him want to “win you over”And much, much more!To make him beg to be yours, scroll up to the top of this page and click BUY NOW!

What Women Really Like In A Man: 45 Dating Tips On How To Capture A Girl's Heart, Make Her Fall In Love With You (For Good) and Never Want To Leave You (Dating Advice For Men) (Stella Belmar eBooks)

#1 Amazon Best SellerAre you confused about what women want? Do you often wonder why the girls you're dating don't respond to you the way you would like to? Or after a few dates, they're not interested anymore in seeing you? Would you like to really become a special and unforgettable guy in women's eyes so that they wouldn't just dump you in the friends or acquaintances category?These and many other questions are answered in this book by Dating Coach and Law of Attraction Coach Stella Belmar. And you get all the info from a woman's perspective, which is really what you want when trying to be successful at dating.Her dating advice and tips will give you ammunition to feel confident and secure in knowing that who you are and what you do will impress women. The information is not some shallow account of how to manipulate women in order to use them and get what you want. Instead, it is focused on how to be a quality man - a man that women are looking for and craving to meet. So, don't look any further and uncover for yourself the secrets of how to really be the man women like.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Judy Blume Book)

Celebrate 45 years of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!The #1 New York Times bestselling author's first book in her classic Fudge series.Two is a crowd when Peter and his little brother, Fudge, are in the same room. Grown-ups think Fudge is absolutely adorable, but Peter and his pet turtle, Dribble, know the truth. From throwing temper tantrums to smearing mashed potatoes on the wall, Fudge causes mischief wherever he goes!“As a kid, Judy Blume was my favorite author, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was my favorite book.”—Jeff Kinney, author of the bestselling Wimpy Kid seriesLove Fudge, Peter, and Sheila? Read all these books featuring your favorite characters:Otherwise Known as Sheila the GreatSuperfudgeFudge-a-ManiaDouble Fudge 

Make Him Want You: Make Him Obsessed With You and Never Want to Leave You...Stop Guessing What He Wants and Forge the Deep Connection You Deserve (Allison Parker eBooks)

Do you want to make him obsessed with you so he will BEG for your attention?You CAN!You can have the love and commitment you deserve.This book will teach you proven techniques that REALLY work.From this day on, men will do ANYTHING you want for you....And you will NEVER have to lower your standards again!No more time wasters and guys who avoid commitment and just play games.You will now be IRRESISTIBLE and make every man want you.After reading this book, you will know the secret to love that lasts.You will understand men and communicate in a way that he understands.You will stop guessing why men react the way they do.You will have in your possession the surprisingly simple secrets behind extraordinary relationships!So get ready to...* Bulletproof your relationship* Deepen your connection with powerful communication skills* Get the love you most desire while giving him the respect he desperately needs.

Love Me Feed Me Never Leave Me: What Kids Really Want (Debbie R. Smith eBooks)

In a time when society is influencing our families, making parenting more parenting than it already is, it can be difficult to know what our children truly need. Drawing from a line in an old comic turned movie, we learn that children only need three things in order to be happy and healthy.



The Woman Men Adore...And Never Want to Leave ( Book)

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Woe of the Road: Tales to Make You Never Want to Leave Your House ( eBooks)

If you’ve ever hitchhiked a desolate road to fill an empty gas tank or been charged by a rhinoceros while on safari, well…we’re happy you’re alive to buy this book. Editors Kyle Therese Cranston and Jenn Dlugos have followed up their award-winning anthology, Mug of Woe: Tales To Make You Realize Your Life is Awesome, with Woe of the Road, a collection of laugh-out-loud tales of travel gone horribly wrong. Over forty humorists will make you howl, gasp, and cringe with their mortifying tales of woe from the road, sky, and sea. Go ahead and send the call of nature to voicemail and call an exorcist for your spirit of adventure. Instead, just sit back and enjoy these misguided tales, preferably from the comforts of your own home.

50 Golden Pops, No. 2 ( Book)

1977, Columbia pictures Publications, piano, vocal, organ. 50 songs