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Instant Pot Cookbook: 500 Most Delicious Recipe Collection Anyone Can Cook (Roy Fisher Book)

We know you want to become a master chef in the kitchen! We know you want to impress your guests, your friends and all your loved ones with your cooking skills.Well, now you can! This magnificent cookbook provides you the tools you were looking for so long!You will learn how to make the best dishes in the world in the easiest way possible: using an instant pot.We can assure you that everyone will admire you from now on! Everyone will adore your foods! Your success in the kitchen is guaranteed with just 2 simple tools: this great cookbook and an instant pot!With our book you'll discover the 500 amazing recipes under various sections such asbreakfastlunchside dishesmain dishessnacks and appetizersfish and seafoodpoultrymeatvegetable mealsdessertsThere are several reasons you should get this bookPrep time, cooking time, list of ingredients accompanies each recipeOur cookbook breaks every single step down and ensures that you know exactly what you need to do to prepare each recipe.Your level of experience with instant pot doesn't matter - our book applies to any level!Get your copy now!

The Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals (Laurel Randolph Book)

With over 300,000 copies sold―enjoy 100+ easy, wholesome, customizable recipes offered in the #1 bestselling official Instant Pot® cookbook.There’s nothing the Instant Pot® can’t do―and with the right cookbook in hand, there’s nothing you can’t cook. The Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook will teach you to create a variety of healthy, easy-to-make recipes with confidence. From savory breakfasts and hearty stews to decadent desserts and more, this Instant Pot® cookbook is sure to satisfy everyone at the table.In the pages of this bestselling Instant Pot® cookbook you’ll find:100+ no-fuss meals with options for vegetarian, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly dietsLow-maintenance recipe guidelines including pressure levels and cooking timesHandy prep-time labels that specify meals that cook in 20 minutes or longer (45+ minutes), as well as kid-friendly dishesPerfect for beginners or long-time enthusiasts, this Instant Pot® cookbook is your A-Z guide for all things Instant Pot®."For this busy mom, [the Instant Pot] was like learning to cook all over again…until I got this Instant Pot cookbook. Whether you are new to the Instant Pot or you are a pressure-cooker pro, this Instant Pot cookbook needs to be in your kitchen!" ―Julie Clark, Tastes of Lizzy T blog“This Instant Pot cookbook has everything you need to know to use your Instant Pot…I highly recommend [it], It has been the best purchase I made since getting my Instant Pot.” ―LMFerron, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook: For Rapid Weight Loss And A Better lifestyle- Top 101 Quick, Easy & Delicious Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Instant Pot ... Meal Plan) (Ketogenic Diet Healthy Cooking) (Frank Donald Book)

Are you in or interested in Ketogenic Diet or Low Carb Diet?Do you have an Instant Pot or want to have one?Do you want to combine both Keto Diet and Instant Pot cooking serving your family with easy and delicious recipes? Keep on reading! This book will give you the right answer!This book “Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook For Rapid Weight Loss And A Better lifestyle- Top 101 Quick, Easy & Delicious Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Instant Pot Recipes(Including 14 Days Fat Loss Meal Plan)” suits for people of any body weight or body shape! We have helped more than 400,000 people lose their weight and get a healthier lifestyle. Hope this book will also help you! By following a ketogenic diet, you will get too many benefits, below are the some of them:1. Lose your weight faster.2. Have a stable energy level.3. Be more smarter.4. Enjoy increased endurance.5. No starvation.6. Improve your blood profile indicators.7. Regulate blood pressure.8. Get rid of insulin resistance.9. Reduce diabetic medications.What will you find in this book?1. Brief Overview of the Ketogenic Diet?2. Everything About the Instant Pot?3. Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?4. How Does the Instant Pot work?5. Many Useful advice and more!6. 14- Day Meal Plan7. 101 Instant Pot Recipes8. More and more...You will combine Ketogenic Diet and your Instant Pot perfectly by following this book. With these 101 delicious and easy recipes, which all are in detailed step-by-step procedure, we are sure it will be a small case for you to cook favorite foods. You will find: Soups, Stews, and Chilies, Beef, Pork, and Lamb, Seafood and Chicken, Vegan and Vegetarian, Side Dishes, Stocks, and Sauces, Festival & Weekend Recipes, Special Occasion Recipes, Desserts, Wicked Recipes. Almost everything you will find, Just enjoy them!For more information, please pay few minutes and scroll up to look inside, you will like it! GET THE COPY BY NOW!

Ketogenic Diet Cookbook For Instant Pot: Over 230 Amazingly Quick, Simple And Delicous Instant Pot Recipes To Lose Weight Rapidly And Improve Your ... Carb Ketogenic Diet Cookbook For Instant Pot) (Jack Toll Book)

One of the most popular low-carb diets available today is the ketogenic diet. Due to the many advantages that the ketogenic diet offers many people are turning to it.  There are multiple benefits to the ketogenic diet, it is a very powerful way to lose weight while leading you towards healthy eating habits and lifestyle which most fad diets do not. You will learn all you need to know about the ketogenic diet in this book.  I know that it can be hard to lose weight, but when you find a way to do it that you will enjoy you are much more likely to succeed in your weight loss goals. I am sure you want to be healthy, avoid illness, and be a healthy weight, while getting to enjoy delicious foods. Well the good news is you can get healthy and enjoy your meals at the same time when you use this collection of ketogenic recipes.Inside this book, you will find over 230 easy and flavored recipes, which all are for ketogenic diet and made in an instant pot. You will find:Delicious Beef, Pork and Lamb RecipesHealthy and Flavored Poultry RecipesAmazing Fish and Seafood RecipesGreat Soup and Sauces RecipesMore and more mouth-watering RecipesAre you like many of us and find yourself so busy with work and other things in life that you often have no time to cook? With the wonderful instant pot, you will be able to toss the ingredients into your instant pot, allow the cooking process to work its magic and before you know it you will have a delicious healthy meal to enjoy! I hope you will have plenty of healthy meals using this book as an easy guide on using the instant pot and keto diet! Get this copy now!

550 Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook: Easy, Delicious and Budget Friendly Instant Pot Recipes for Healthy Living (Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook) ... Recipes Included) (Instant Pot Cookbook) (Array Book)

It Begins & End With Your Instant PotDo you want to make great recipes for yourself and family using the Instant Pot?Do you own an instant pot, plan to buy one but don’t have a clue of how to use it? This book “550 INSTANT POT Recipes Cookbook” contains over 550 recipes that can be made using the instant pot and other electric pressure cookers. The recipes are quick and easy to make. Healthy, delicious and mostly ONE POT. Meaning you do not need a sauce pan, the grill, or any other conventional cooker/equipment to complete most of them. This saves you the time used for washing. As you'll have just your instant pot electric pressure cooker and at most one bowl to wash after cooking. Isn't that amazing? Your kitchen is kept clean from spills, smells and all the mess from conventional cookers. Adding more numbers to the minutes saved in the end. This is the ONE Cookbook you need for your Instant pot pressure cooker with lots of interesting easy to cook meals for healthy living. It’s a must have for every mum and every kitchen as there is definitely something in it for everyone. Below is a preview of what you stand to gain from this book Basic Tips About The Instant PotTips On How To Get The Best Out Of Your IPInstant Pot Breakfast Recipes Soups, Stews & Chowders Beef & Pork Recipes Beans & Grains Main Dishes Poultry & Chicken Recipes Fish & Seafood Recipes Vegetable/Vegetarian Recipes Gluten-Free Ketogenic Diet Recipes Paleo Recipes Snacks & Side Dishes Yogurts Desserts Indian Instant Pot Recipes And A Whole Lot More… You will get to discover lots of recipes for your IP than you can ever imagine. The book is perfect for beginners. With a complete how to guide to make cooking with the instant pot quick, easy and fun. Step up from being a novice to an expert and get the most out of your instant pot with the tones of recipes packed in this book. Enough for now! You can Click on the Buy Now button at the top right corner of your computer screen to get this book for your kindle now. Or send as a gift to a loved oneBuy Now Before The Price Increases

550 INSTANT POT RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS: Quick & Foolproof Recipes For Your Whole Family & Beginners Guide. (BARBARA MILES Book)

We know you would want to become a master chef in the kitchen to impress your guests, family and friends with quick, easy and foolproof Instant Pot Recipes! We know you want to improve your culinary skills, and become a great cook. Well, now you can, with the help of this cookbook. The "550 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners" provides you with the tools required to prepare your quick and foolproof recipes with your Instant Pot. Each recipe in this cookbook has been tried in our kitchen and has the exact preparation time, cooking time, list of ingredients, cooking instructions and the exact breakdown of what you have to do to prepare each recipes. With this cookbook, you will learn how to make the best dishes in the world with your single device. You'll discover lots of tips, step-by-step guide for beginners and consist of 550 quick and foolproof recipes under various chapters such as: Instant Pot tips for both beginners and advanced usersBreakfastSoups, Stews & ChowdersBeans, Rice & GrainsMeat RecipesPoultryFish & SeafoodsVegan & VegetarianSide dishesDessertsAppetizers & SnacksBonus Recipes The "550 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners" covers each meal of the day, offers plenty of foolproof recipes, such as: Instant Pot Chicken CacciatorePorridge buckwheatCreamy mashed potatoesInstant Pot Easy Baked BeansClassic Irish oatmealChicken Tortilla SoupSpinach China Masala Alongside a hearty array of contemporary meals, consisting of recipes like, Fish with Orange & Ginger Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Spaghetti Squash, Healthy Refried Beans, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Beef Stew etc. Use this "550 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners" to make EVERY meal, ANY day of the week. Grab your copy now!

The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook: Fresh and Foolproof Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker (Coco Morante Book)

Authorized by Instant Pot and filled with beautiful photographs and more than 75 simple, well-tested comfort food recipes, this indispensable book is the ultimate collection of delicious weekday meals.The best-selling Instant Pot has been a runaway hit, with an almost cultlike following and users who swear by it. But finding delicious, well-tested, weekday-friendly recipes that are both inspiring and trustworthy has proven difficult, until now. The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook covers each meal of the day, offering plenty of tried-and-true classic recipes, such as spicy beef and bean chili, a whole roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, and decadent New York cheesecake, alongside a hearty array of contemporary meals, such as Greek-style Gigantes beans with fresh feta, braised pork loin with balsamic vinegar and caramelized onions, buttery cauliflower mashed potatoes, pork adobo, and more! Whether you're looking to expand your pressure cooker recipe repertoire or seeking the ultimate gift for the Instant Pot aficionado, this is the book to have.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Instant Pot Cookbook: The Only Anti-inflammatory Diet Recipe Cookbook In 2018 For Your Instant Pot Cooking To Decrease ... (Anti-inflammatory Instant Pot Cooking Book) (Teresa Frank Book)

Do you have an Instant Pot or wanna have one? Do you want to be professional about instant pot usinf and have delicious foods?Do you often have chronic inflammation? Do you often feel uncomfortable but have no idea about the reason?Do you want to solve these problems and be more longevity?If yes, then this book will be your right answer!With more than 43 million people suffering from arthritis and 25 million are suffering from Asthma in the US alone! Inflammation is a condition that is at an all-time high and is near to becoming an epidemic! With that kept in mind, it is not unusual that Americans are trying to look for ways to alter their lifestyle and decrease Inflammation, that is what I plan to achieve with this book.Not only we will give you the answer of Anti-inflammary Diet, but also we have provided you with most useful information about Instant Pot cooking, which allows you to save an immense amount of time while lowering down your Inflammatory effects! This book acts as a one stop guide for you to fully understand the concepts of both the Instant Pot and the Anti-Inflammatory diet. Meantime we have provided 150+ easy to understand recipes, all to help you master your cooker and create very own masterpiece.Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from this book:Essentials about Inflamation               The harmful side effects of InflammationAll about Anti-inflammation Diet            Great Tips For Anti-Inflammatory SuccessFoods Good For Anti-Inflammatory Diet      Food That Do Bad To Anti-Inflammation DietMost Useful Tips of Instant Pot Using        Cooking Timetable of Various FoodsMore than 150 Anti-inflammatary Recipes     Many many useful advices!Inside this book, you will find: Vegan & Vegetarian, Grains, Soups, Broth and Stews, Smoothies, Drinks and Brunch, Seafood, Salad, and Desserts recipes. All recipes do good to your health and and will decrease inflammation. They are well-chosen and chef-proved, easy to follow recipes. All recipes have detailed procedure, which lead you easy to make all of these delicious recipes! Now all you need to do is following this book. Take action!No need to pay attention to other similar books, just take this one! You won’t disappointed with it! For more information, please just scroll up to click the “ BUY NOW” button!

Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast (Urvashi Pitre Book)

THE ONLY AUTHORIZED INSTANT POT COOKBOOK FOR INDIAN COOKING AT HOME…. “[Indian Instant Pot Cookbook] has been very popular and for good reason. Whether you're giving an Instant Pot or receiving one, this is the book for you."–Seira Wilson, Senior Books EditorIt’s tempting to dine out when you think about the intricacies involved in making traditional dals and curries. But Indian Instant Pot Cookbook combines the technique of pressure-cooking with classic Indian foods to give families an easier (and healthier) way of preparing authentic Indian meals. Join Urvashi Pitre, who is best known as the “Butter Chicken Lady,” as she shares the how-to’s of creating delicious Indian dishes of all types in Indian Instant Pot Cookbook.Indian Instant Pot Cookbook offers:50 Easy, Authentic Recipes that are ready in 60 min or less and require minimal ingredientsTried and Tested Guidance from Indian cuisine experts and Instant Pot pros alikeUseful Tips for substituting ingredients and stocking your kitchen with the right tools and spices“The recipes [in Indian Instant Pot Cookbook] are simple to prepare and average about 10-15 minutes prep time. Who doesn’t love saving time in the kitchen?!.”―Amee’s Savory Dish blog“[Indian Instant Pot Cookbook] is filled with recipes that will help me expand my love of Indian cooking.”―Pressure Cooking Today blog

Instant Pot Cookbook: Over 100 Instant Pot Recipes For The Everyday Home | Simple and Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes Made For Your Instant ... Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook) (John Leroy Book)

Enjoy Healthy Meals – The Easy Way!Click the READ MORE button to find out aboutInside Instant Pot Cookbook, you’ll find a wealth of convenient and crowd-pleasing recipes. It’s fun, quick, and easy to give your family the hearty and healthy meals they deserve!With your instant pot, you can enjoy a wide variety of lifestyle benefits:Save plenty of time and moneyEnjoy nutritious food everydayFeel much safer using an instant pot than a pressure cookerKeep your family safe from bacterial contaminantsMake cleanup fast and easy by using only a few kitchen toolsWith this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn to make sense of all the buttons on your instant pot. It’s fast and fun to master this time-saving kitchen device – and start creating beautiful meals for your family!You’ll find out how to create bountiful breakfasts in your instant pot – from Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal to Giant Japanese-Style Pancakes. Imagine your family waking up hungry to the smell of Baked Apples, Breakfast Cobbler, and French-Baked Eggs. With favorites like Eggs Papin and Quinoa Blueberry Breakfast Bowls, you’ll get everyone started off healthy and happy – every day!Make special, home-cooked meals in just a few minutes. Give them something to come home to with heart-warming Italian Chicken, Cuban Black Bean, and Tomato Basil soups. You can cook everything from Macaroni and Cheese to Chinese Broccoli with Garlic in your instant pot. Create smiles—and memories–with crowd-pleasers like Taco Hummus, Cilantro Lime Rice, and Sweet Orangey Brussels Sprouts!You can even create full main courses in your instant pot. After a long day, your family will love hearty stews like Irish Lamb, Mongolian Beef, Lamb and Sweet Potato. Remember – you can create all kinds of meals in your instant pot, not just soups and stews. Imagine sharing BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, Tender Braised Short Ribs, and Garlicky Cuban Pork. No one can resist instant pot delights like Honey Garlic Chicken, Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs, and Turkey Spinach Lasagna. You can even get creative with exotic new treats like Jamaican Goat Curry, Rosemary Duck Ragu, Quick Seafood Paella, and Vietnamese Halibut Hot Pot (a.k.a. Ca Kho To)!You’ll even learn the secrets of uber-fast meals like Four-Minute Salmon, Broccoli, & Potatoes and simple Four-Ingredient BBQ Turkey!Don’t miss out on this delicious and time-saving lifestyle – get your copy of Instant Pot Cookbook right away!It’s quick and easy to order – Just scroll up and click the ADD TO CART button on the right-hand side of your screen.