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The Confidence Code for Girls: Taking Risks, Messing Up, and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self (Array Book)

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller!Girls can rule the world—all they need is confidence. This empowering, entertaining guide from the bestselling authors of The Confidence Code gives girls the essential yet elusive code to becoming bold, brave, and fearless. It’s a paradox familiar to parents everywhere: girls are achieving like never before, yet they’re consumed with doubt on the inside. Girls worry constantly about how they look, what people think, whether to try out for a sports team or school play, why they aren’t getting “perfect” grades, and how many likes and followers they have online. Katty Kay and Claire Shipman use cutting-edge science and research, as well as proven methods of behavioral change, to reach girls just when they need it the most—the tween and teen years.Packed with graphic novel strips; appealing illustrations; fun lists, quizzes, and challenges; and true stories from tons of real girls, The Confidence Code for Girls teaches girls to embrace risk, deal with failure, and be their most authentic selves.If you or the girl in your life loved The Gutsy Girl or Rad American Women A-Z, you'll love this.

The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance---What Women Should Know (Array Book)

The New York Times bestseller, now in paperback and updated with a new introductionConfidence. We want it. We need it. But it can be maddeningly enigmatic and out of reach. The authors of the New York Times bestseller Womenomics deconstruct this essential, elusive, and misunderstood quality and offer a blueprint for bringing more of it into our lives.Is confidence hardwired into the DNA of a lucky few, or can anyone learn it? Is it best expressed by bravado, or is there another way to show confidence? Which is more important: confidence or competence? Why do so many women, even the most successful, struggle with feelings of self-doubt? Is there a secret to channeling our inner confidence?In The Confidence Code, journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman travel to the frontiers of neuroscience on a hunt for the confidence gene and reveal surprising new research on its roots in our brains. They visit the world’s leading psychologists who explain how we can all choose to become more confident simply by taking action and courting risk, and how those actions change our physical wiring. They interview women leaders from the worlds of politics, sports, the military, and the arts to learn how they have tapped into this elemental resource. They examine how a lack of confidence impacts our leadership, success, and fulfillment.Ultimately, they argue, while confidence is partly influenced by genetics, it is not a fixed psychological state. That’s the good news. You won’t discover it by thinking positive thoughts or by telling yourself (or your children) that you are perfect as you are. You also won’t find it by simply squaring your shoulders and faking it. But it does require a choice: less people pleasing and perfectionism and more action, risk taking, and fast failure.Inspiring, insightful, and persuasive, The Confidence Code shows that by acting on our best instincts and by daring to be authentic, women can feel the transformative power of a life on confidence.

Cracking The Confidence Code Science & Art of Self Assurance- Abraham Prophecies: Unauthorized Review Originally Abraham Prophecies 2012 Law of Attraction (Abraham eBooks)

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Confidence: Confidence Code And Hacks: A Girls Guide To Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Skills, Charisma & Motivation (How To Gain Confidence) (Volume 1) (Ms. Robin Forest Book)

Confidence has been my problem for many years. It took me a lot of time and missed opportunities, to realize that I NEED to do something about it. This book is my first one. It is a statement of my recent achievements. You’re about to discover how I manage to live confident, fearless and up to my full potential.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn..How to get to know yourself,How to overcome fears,How to speak up,How to approach your sympathy,And much, much more!Order your copy today! Take action NOW. Scroll up and download this book to get SPECIAL $9.79 OFFER

The Gift Of Confidence: Crack The Code Of Self Confidence And Achieve Success In Your Workplace And Your Personal Life (Self Confidence, Confidence Code, Confidence, Achieve Success, Achieve Goals) (Simon Wright Book)

Self-confidence enables you to have a positive but realistic perception about yourself, your abilities and your circumstances. When you are confident with yourself, you are not afraid to take challenges and face your problems. When you are confident, you stand up for what you believe in. Self-confidence is just a perception, but it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you are confident with yourself, you believe in your ability to succeed in your chosen field. If you are one of those people who are insecure, unmotivated, socially inept, underachieving, and negative, you may be suffering from low self-confidence and self-esteem. Low self-confidence can be dangerous. It can destroy your relationships, keep you from accepting great career opportunities, and prevent you from experiencing true love and intimacy. If you have low self-confidence, you will constantly feel frustrated. You regularly belittle yourself and your abilities. You do not strive for a better life because you think you do not deserve it. This book will help you improve your personal life and achieve success in your chosen career by building your self-confidence. This book will help you recognize your worth and build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Your life will change for the better.

Confident Girls!: Confidence & Purpose Building Activities for Girls (Bridget Moore Book)

With the countless uploads of pictures and videos on social media, it's clear that some of our young adults are lost, confused, and reckless; primarily our young women. They are looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Why do girls look for others to validate who they are? Why does peer pressure prevail more often than not? Confident Girls! was written the mission to help to help build strong girls with confidence, love, self-worth and purpose. If girls are taught these key principles at a young age, they will be on the path to grow into confident, purpose-filled women! This book contains: Word search Puzzles Mazes Cryptograms Crossword Puzzles Coloring Pages Connect-The-Dots Check out our activity book for boys- Confident Boys! Purpose & Confident Building Activities for Boys

The Confidence Code: Summary and Analysis of The Confidence Code (Summary Station Audible)

Learn about The Confidence Code in a fraction of the time it takes to read the actual book! In The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance - What Women Should Know, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman attempt to define confidence, to determine how it is developed and to give guidelines for developing it. Without confidence, you lack boldness and faith in your abilities, and this dearth can greatly affect your mental health as well as your career success. Low confidence can make women appear incompetent. The authors' premise is that confidence is "in alarmingly short supply" for women. Why women in particular? Some bigots suggest that women are biologically inferior; others insist that children change women's priorities so that careers and the confidence that comes with doing a job well are not important. Others blame the cultural, social, and institutional barriers set against women's success. Kay and Shipman acknowledge that there is some truth in the latter two reasons but point out that the main reason women have lower confidence levels is because they tend to lack self-belief. The authors find that women need to stop worrying about failure and second-guessing and to put less emphasis on how others might perceive them. Women need to stop worrying that they cannot succeed but instead start taking action and risking failure. By not believing that you can succeed, you are less likely to even try. Here is a preview of what you'll learn when you download your copy today: General overview and summary of The Confidence CodeHow confidence affects your income level The reasons why women are generally less confident than men

The Credibility Code: How to Project Confidence and Competence When It Matters Most (Cara Hale Alter Book)

In today's highly competitive business world, being credible is not enough. You have to look credible. Still, for many professionals, credibility feels like a mystery. Now, by pinpointing 25 specific visual and auditory cues, The Credibility Code unlocks this mystery and shows you exactly how to come across as confident, capable, and qualified in all types of person-to-person interactions. Acclaimed credibility expert Cara Hale Alter outlines clear, concise "codes of conduct" for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more. And unlike countless other cues, such as gender, age, or physical features, these signals are within your active control. Individually, these behaviors are easily implemented; together, they form a skill set that can transform your career. As a bonus, each chapter includes a link to an online video of the author demonstrating the "codes of conduct" featured in the previous pages.Discover: How to "crack the code" and project real credibility What not to do - the most common image derailers Real-world examples and exercises Online access to short demonstration videos for each chapter Self-assessment tools for identifying your strengths and weaknesses A step-by-step methodology for developing your best image!

The Confidence Code (Chinese Edition) (Array Book)

The Confidence Code combines the ground-breaking scientific research and the first-hand materials provided from the strongest female in the world which proves that female may gain self-confidence through change, and transform it to the people around and next generation. The book is worth to be read by all the female who are desiring to change herself and move forward.

Confidence Code: An Easy and Step-by-Step Approach to Overcome Self-Doubt & Low Self-Esteem (You Are a Badass Book) (Volume 1) (Paul Goleman Book)

Confidence Code An Easy and Step-by-Step Approach to Overcome Self-Doubt & Low Self-Esteem Nobody doubts that setting goals is one of the most important keys to making life changes, regardless of the whether they be big or small. While some of us have no problems identifying the goals we want to achieve, putting the plan into action remains a difficult task more than we can imagine. Confidence is a trait as well as a state of the mind and an experience all put into one. It can be developed, given or even tarnished at the same instance. Developing self-confidence requires one to accept who they are, their ability to do things and the courage to face challenges. Confidence IS ONE OF THE SUCCESS INGREDIENTS and those who are short of self-confidence often find it challenging to venture into new areas in life. Knowing that you need to do better and getting to do it are two different things which take steadfast self-confidence. Having the confidence to accomplish something challenging is much easier said than done for most of the people. Causes for low self-esteem can be deeply rooted and often is traced to dreadful childhood, or recent rejection and disappointments. Whatever the cause, gaining self-confidence is a challenge that majority of us struggles with; it is essential that we all overcome this struggle that is a stumbling block to our success. Developing self-confidence cannot be possible overnight or in a short span of time. This book has been written to aid you to make the most out of your life by understanding all the nitty-gritty of self-confidence. My goal is to help you understand how to develop more confidence in your abilities and to avoid the dangers of low self-esteem. You will be able to heal your relationships, having an easy time at the workplace, boosting your self-esteem, achieving your personal goals, having a better sense of self-defense and much more! I, therefore, urge you to grab a copy today and follow each and every steps described.!!!!.