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Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body (Amie Valpone Book)

The essential guide to fight inflammation, heal your gut, and reset your body with detox and clean eating After suffering for a decade from a range of ailments like Lyme Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Leaky Gut Syndrome, Amie Valpone, creator of, healed herself through clean eating and detoxing. In Eating Clean, Amie provides guidance on how to fight inflammation and reset your body, including a 21-Day Elimination Diet, instructions for food reintroduction, a 2-week meal plan, and an extensive pantry list. The book has over 200 recipes that are vegetarian and free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, and refined sugar to keep tummies healthy and satisfied—such as Velvety Pear and Fennel Soup, Carrot “Fettuccine” with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Pumpkin Seeds, and Vanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream. With this book, readers are able to get the support they need on their path toward wellness. 

The Clean 20: 20 Foods, 20 Days, Total Transformation (Ian K. Smith M.D. Book)

New York Times bestsellerFrom the New York Times bestselling author of SHRED and Blast the Sugar Out, the ultimate guide to clean eating!What is clean eating? In his newest diet book, Dr. Ian K. Smith teaches readers the benefits of clean eating and how to implement it in their own lives. He tells readers how to easily reduce unhealthy processed foods in their diets, a key to weight loss, disease prevention, and overall health. The Clean 20 focuses on twenty clean foods--from avocado to whole wheat pasta and everything in between--that readers can easily find, prepare, and incorporate into their diets. The Clean 20 includes a complete clean eating program with a daily meal plan, 60 recipes and substitutions, as well as 20 minute easy-to-work-in workouts.Dr. Ian knows what works: it’s not eliminating food groups, but choosing foods within each group wisely to satisfy the palate and the body’s nutritional demands. The Clean 20 isn’t just vegetables. Grains are in. And so is fruit, fat, meat and fish. When palate and nutrition are in sync, weight loss not only follows, it sticks. The Clean 20 is a life and body changer.

Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Eating in the Real World (Lisa Lillien Book)

The instant New York Times and USA Today bestsellerHungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Healthy Recipes for Clean Eating in the Real WorldComplete with full-color photos of EVERY recipe, Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry combines the best of Hungry Girl with the best of clean eating. The food is still guilt-free, and the portions are still huge...but now Lisa Lillien is highlighting CLEAN ingredients and doing away with artificial and processed foods. This book gives mainstream America delicious, satisfying, and clean recipes, using healthy ingredients found in supermarkets everywhere. The best part? The recipes are so easy, anyone can make 'em!Featuring...90 vegetarian recipes108 gluten-free recipes56 recipes in 30 minutes or less43 recipes with 5 ingredients or lessRecipes like...PB&J Waffles (203 calories)BBQ Meatloaf (196 calories)Hawaiian Shrimp Fried Rice with Pineapple (229 calories)Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cake (100 calories)Finally... a real-world (and DELICIOUS) approach to clean eating!

Clean Eating: 365 Days of Clean Eating Recipes (Clean Eating, Clean Eating Cookbook, Clean Eating Recipes, Clean Eating Diet, Healthy Recipes, For Living Wellness and Weigh loss, Eat Clean Diet Book (Emma Katie Book)

Clean EatingTODAY SPECIAL PRICE - 365 Days of Clean Eating Recipes (Limited Time Offer)Eating over-processed food or junk food can have a negative impact on your mind and body over time. Your body can become sluggish and your mind can stop functioning properly as well – fatigue, not being able to focus properly, all of these are effects of a diet that lacks nutrients. Your body and mind failing on you is the worst feeling ever!But it’s time to get back on track! Change your lifestyle today by eating food that it’s close to its natural state, food that has more nutrients than chemicals. This book contains everything you need to get you started on that! From an easy-to-understand explanation of what clean eating is, to a whole range of recipes, the information found between these pages is enough to offer you a good start towards an improved health, more energy and better state of mind.Wait no more! Get your copy today and enjoy recipes like: overnight chia pudding, quinoa crusted quiche, creamy avocado soup, bouillabaisse, tomato fish bake, chimichurri salmon, apricot galette, amaretto baked pears and more!

Clean Eating: 151 Healthy and Delicious Recipes For Eating Clean (Clean Eating Cookbook with Delicious and Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack Recipes) (Susan Hollister Book)

Delicious recipes to infuse your life with greater health and energy. Whether you want (1) easy to make and delicious clean eating recipes, (2) greater alertness and energy, or (3) just to feel more alive and vibrant, then this is the book you need. Eat foods that can banish excess weight and boost your health. Included is a wide variety of health-boosting recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare. Discover vegetarian dishes that will tickle your taste buds and have you looking forward to making – and eating – your own meals. Explore a host of vegetarian recipes, employing the freshest, “cleanest” ingredients that will leave your mouth watering just to read them! All of these dishes include minimally processed foods you’ll enjoy eating and can feel proud about serving to others. Eat healthy and love it! Discover how to identify and avoid foods that are laced with toxic additives or have been so processed that their nutrients have been destroyed. Find out which processed foods are actually okay to eat and understand why. Learn what to look for in ingredient lists and on nutritional labels; learn how to take your cues from these guidelines so you don’t keep on ingesting toxins. Discover how to be smart about what you put into your body. Explore a world of delicious clean foods. Feel healthier by making minor adjustments to the foods you purchase and the ways you prepare them. Discover which nutrients are damaged by too much heat and learn ways to preserve those useful vitamins and minerals as you cook different meats and vegetables. At the same time, learn how heat and other chemical processes can be used to actually remove toxic chemicals from your foods, either by changing their chemical makeup or by vaporizing them through steam. What will you learn about clean eating?Delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, salads, deserts and more!How easy it is to prepare healthy meals.How to replace processed foods with healthy clean alternatives.How to increase alertness by eating clean.How to read labels so you can make smart buying decisions.You will also discover:Clean and healthy versions of everyday sauces and condiments.How to enjoy eating clean!Recipes for anti-inflammatory and ketogenic cooking.Yummy snacks like savory apple chips and brownie-in-a-mug.Succulent stir-fry recipes to make your mouth water.Easily prepare clean versions of almost anything. Rediscover the energy and alertness that will allow you to live your life to the fullest! The recipes in this book are simple to make and are sure to please everyone. You won’t need to go out and buy any complicated, specialized equipment to make them, either. You’ll find that these dishes are designed to give you the energy you need to sail through your day. They can also help you to lose weight and look more fit. The minimally processed, clean recipes in this book are also designed to help you painlessly maintain a healthy lifestyle . This is the perfect book if you’re not used to making food on your own, from scratch. You’ll already be familiar with most of the ingredients, and you can have fun using the new foods you will discover. The recipes are clearly explained in detail and you’ll find it easy to follow the step-by-step instructions. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of healthy and delicious meals each day.Start eating clean: get this book now!

Clean Eating Made Simple: A Healthy Cookbook with Delicious Whole-Food Recipes for Eating Clean (Rockridge Press Book)

Learn how uncomplicated your life and diet can be with unprocessed and unrefined foods from Clean Eating Made Simple. Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated. Clean Eating Made Simple will walk you through the basics of a life-changing clean eating diet, with common sense guidelines and over 110 healthy recipes that will not leave you feeling deprived. With an easy-to-follow clean eating meal plan and handy nutritional breakdowns, Clean Eating Made Simple helps you change the way you eat, and the way you feel, by simply returning to eating whole, natural foods and fresh produce. Clean Eating Made Simple helps you adopt healthy changes easily—and permanently—with: A Weekly Meal Plan helping you transition to a clean eating diet Over 110 Recipes serving clean eating meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with nutritional information for every recipe An Essential Introduction covering the fundamentals and health benefits of clean eating Handy Tips for adapting each recipe for your personal dietary needs, including vegetarian or vegan, low-sodium, FODMAP, gluten-free, and nightshade-free Clean eating recipes include: Coconut Quinoa Porridge, Barley Kale Risotto, Lemon Tuna Patties, Pork Tenderloin with Squash Salsa, Strawberry Crisp, and much more! Clean Eating Made Simple will help you improve your health and maximize your energy by simply enjoying natural, whole foods.

Clean Eating Bowls: 100 Real Food Recipes for Eating Clean (Kenzie Swanhart Book)

"Kenzie Swanhart has compiled an impressive collection of clean eating recipes that span breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert (all in a bowl)! These clean eating recipes are straightforward but exciting, and they don't sacrifice flavor or texture for nutrition."―Megan Flynn Peterson, author of The Big 15 Paleo Spiralizer CookbookBowls make it easy to combine and customize your favorite flavors in no time at all. Clean Eating Bowls balances the convenience “bowl food” with the complete nutritional benefits of a clean eating diet. From smoothie and breakfast bowls to grain and noodle bowls, these recipes that leave you feeling satisfied.100 simple recipes use affordable, clean ingredients that deliver satisfying, healthy meals when combined in a bowlA mix-and-match guide for every chapter to create your own clean eating bowl combinationsInspiring, supportive guidance for enjoying nourishing meals while savoring the foods you loveWith Clean Eating Bowls you’ll discover the pleasures of clean eating, instead of worrying about what not to eat. Join Kenzie Swanhart, author of the two bestselling cookbooks Paleo in 28 and Spiralize It!, on her journey to make clean eating fun, delicious, and easier than ever before.“Simple to jump right in and incorporate into your lifestyle. I travel for work and eating healthy while traveling is a struggle. I prepared two meals from the book that I split between lunch and dinner ahead of my trip. Not only were they fantastic, but everyone at the office wanted the recipes and kept asking what smelled so good.”―Amazon Customer

Eating Clean For Dummies (Array Book)

Everything you need to start eating cleanWhether you've lived on white carbs and trans fats all your life or you're already health conscious but want to clean up your diet even further, Eating Clean For Dummies, 2nd Edition explains in plain English exactly what it means to keep a clean-eating diet. Brought to you by a respected MD and licensed nutritionist, it sets the record straight on this lifestyle choice and includes recipes, the latest superfoods, tips and strategies for navigating the grocery store, advice on dining out, and practical guidance on becoming a clean eater for life. Clean eating is not another diet fad; it's used as a way of life to improve overall health, prevent disease, increase energy, and stabilize moods. Eating Clean For Dummies shows you how to stick to foods that are free of added sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans fats, and anything else that is unnatural or unnecessary. Plus, you'll find recipes to make scrumptious clean meals and treats, like whole grain scones, baked oatmeal, roasted cauliflower, caramelized onion apple pecan stuffing, butternut mac and cheese, and more. Get the scoop on how clean eating helps you live longer, prevent disease, and lose weightChange your eating habits without sacrificing taste or breaking your budgetMake more than 40 delicious clean-eating recipesDeal with food allergies and sensitivitiesYou are what you eat! And Eating Clean For Dummies helps get you on the road to a healthier you.

The Clean Eating Slow Cooker: A Healthy Cookbook of Wholesome Meals that Prep Fast & Cook Slow (Linda Larsen Book)

130 Slow Cooker Recipes to Help You Get a Quick Start on Clean EatingWhether you’re looking to slim down, gain energy, save money, or just feel healthier―there are numerous benefits to following a clean eating lifestyle. And despite what you might think, beginning a clean eating diet can be easy and hassle-free...with the help of your trusty slow cooker!If there’s one thing that slow cooking expert Linda Larsen knows about (other than slow cooking, that is) it’s clean eating. A lifelong lover of all things sugary and sweet, Linda never expected that she would one day make the transition to clean eating. And she certainly didn’t expect that clean eating would not only be deliciously satisfying, but surprisingly easy as well.In The Clean Eating Slow Cooker, Linda combines her two great loves and shares with you how simple it is to cook clean, whole-food meals at home. With The Clean Eating Slow Cooker you’ll enjoy:130 clean eating recipes that take no more than 20 minutes to prepare and include complete nutrition infoA comprehensive guide to clean eating specifically for slow cookers, including the best ways to preserve nutrients and the best clean ingredients for slow cookingModified recipe callouts that offer compatibility with nut-free, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dietsClean eating doesn’t have to mean stress in the kitchen and expensive grocery bills. With The Clean Eating Slow Cooker you’ll discover just how easy and affordable it can be to start eating cleaner and living healthier today.

Clean Eats: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Body's Natural Balance and Discover What It Means to Be Truly Healthy (Alejandro Junger Book)

From Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of the New York Times bestsellers Clean and Clean Gut, comes Clean Eats, a cookbook featuring over 200 delicious, easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes all aimed at helping you restore your natural ability to heal yourself.In Clean, New York City cardiologist Dr. Alejandro Junger provided a life-changing program to aid common ailments resulting from toxins in the standard American diet and chemical-filled environments. Now Dr. Junger's in-demand recipes are available in Clean Eats, a cookbook that takes the program straight to the kitchen and allows readers to start eating Clean today.Beginning with a comprehensive introduction that outlines what Clean eating means, Clean Eats presents over 200 recipes tailored to Clean, Clean Gut, Elimination, vegetarian and Paleo diets, including daily meal plans and detailed nutritional information. Whether you suffer from digestive problems, depression or anxiety, unwanted pounds or simply less-than-stellar health, Dr. Junger provides recipe ideas that can help build your health from the inside out.Clean has already transformed the lives of millions, and with Clean Eats, it's never been easier to jumpstart the journey to a healthier way of life.