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The Pirate Who's Back in Bunny Slippers (Shivers!) (Array Book)

Shivers, the scaredy-est pirate to ever sail the Seven Seas, is back. Comic book–like illustrations in each chapter bring Shivers to life and invite even the most reluctant readers to join the adventure. Perfect for fans of such series as Stick Dog, Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.This time, Shivers must set sail again to get his beloved ship, the Land Lady, back from Mayor Sheila B. President. Shivers won’t be going alone, however. He’ll be bringing his best pal, Margo, and his loyal fishmate, Albee, on a clingy-clam and hot dog filled adventure. Like all good pirates, Shivers will just have to grab his swimmies (and his bunny slippers) and jump right into this epic tale.

The Bunny Who Found Easter Gift Edition (Charlotte Zolotow Book)

Where is Easter? asked the little bunny eagerly.But the old owl had dozed off to sleep again in the sun.It must be some place East, thought the bunny and he set off searching. A lonely bunny goes hunting for Easter, where he hopes to find other bunnies. His search takes him through summer, fall, and winter, but only in spring does he find what he’s been looking for all along. This special gift edition, now in paper-over-board format, includes a striking new cover and gorgeous endpapers. Humorous, heartwarming, and sweet, this modern take on an old classic is the perfect story to hop into on Easter.

Snuggles: The bunny who helped me find God (Myra T. Johnson Book)

Snuggles is the story of a real bunny who shared the author's home and heart for many years.Snuggles is an adopted bunny whose human "mommy" is searching for God in all sorts of different places. When Snuggles becomes seriously ill, his distraught mommy reaches out to God in prayer. The story of how God answers this prayer will touch the hearts of young and old alike. Picture book, for preschool and up.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep (Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin Book)

Do you struggle with getting your child to fall asleep? In The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep you will follow Roger The Rabbit when he gets help from Uncle Yawn and other friends to fall asleep in the evening. Your child is quickly compelled by the story and falls asleep when you read it or after. The story is in a lovely way sleep-inducing and helps children all over the world to fall asleep. This is a new safe and innovative way to help your child fall asleep and is recommended by psychologists and therapists. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep will help you accomplish the task of getting your child to have its beauty sleep and sleep well all night. "Have you ever struggled to help your child get to sleep and wished that you had a magical spell? Carl-Johan’s enchanting book will soon have your young ones dreaming." – Matt Hudson, Bestselling author and psychotherapist No need for How-to skills, it’s as easy and simple as reading a normal bedtime story with improved language pattern that will help your child to relax and fall asleep. After massive feedback from parents all over the world it’s safe to say that The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep is a quick and guaranteed way to help your child relax in the evening or during a nap. This children’s book will with ease help your child to fall asleep, at the same time its fun for you to read a bedtime story that’s written in a special compelling way. While reading the kids book you can also enjoy the lovely pictures that improves the sleep-inducing state of the bedtime story. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep also gives you opportunities to personalize the story by using the child’s name and commit them even more to the story. Make your evening routine to something special and loving; buy the Rabbit Who Want’s To Fall Asleep today. "Use the story about The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep when exciting things are happening, or when something temporarily makes it difficult for your child to fall asleep." – Mikael Odhage, Psychologist

Scamper: The Bunny Who Went to the White House (Anna Roosevelt Book)

Follows the adventures of Scamper the rabbit after he comes to live in the White House with the President's grandchildren.

The Bunny Who Wanted A Friend (Joan Berg Book)

Child's fiction/picture book.

Children's Books: THE BUNNY WHO FOUND SOME MONEY! (Fun, Cute, Rhyming Bedtime Story for Baby & Preschool Readers about Blossom the Bunny who Found Some Money!) (Tim Zak eBooks)

The Bunny Who Found Some Money is a read aloud, baby nursery rhymes kids book that is written in easy-to-read rhyme style. This is the perfect picture book for children from preschool to little kids. In his latest kids bedtime story, "The Bunny Who Found Some Money", Tim Zak -- best selling children's book writer -- helps children relate to many of the problems they encounter each day through the eyes of baby animals. Tim can help you communicate important messages to your children through rhymes and colorful illustrations!Here Is A Preview Of What Your Children Will Discover...This is the rhyming story of Blossom the Bunny who found some money!Blossom discovers a bag full of money while playing with her friends!Should Blossom spend the money at the local mall?As Blossom decides what to do, each one of her friends offers her some advice on how she should spend that bag full of money!Will Blossom spend all the money on herself, her family, her friends, or find the bunny who lost it?

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bunny? (Steve Smallman Book)

Four very hungry bunnies have run out of carrots! One by one they hop off to the vegetable patch. But someone is lying in wait. Someone big - and bad!

El conejito que quiere dormirse [Bunny Who Wants to Sleep]: Un nuevo método para ayudar a los niños a dormirse [A New Method to Help Children Fall Asleep] (Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin Audible)

El cuento de El conejito que quiere dormirse es un nuevo método para que los niños se duerman. Traducido a varias lenguas, este libro revolucionario ha ayudado a miles de padres en todo el mundo a conseguir que sus hijos concilien el sueño gracias a las innovadoras técnicas psicológicas que aparecen a lo largo de la historia. Escrito en un lenguaje sencillo, este libro logra que los niños se relajen y se queden dormidos antes incluso de que termine el cuento. Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.

"DO" The Once Forgotten Little Bunny Who Grew To Become A World Record Holder (Jenna Antol Book)

A LITTLE BUNNY THAT IMPRESSED THE WORLD. Being tucked away in a pet store for what seemed to be an eternity sat a little Jersey Wooly bunny looking for a forever home. Who knew that this bunny would grow and create bonds and memories that would fill hearts with warmth and love around the world. The amazing life of "DO".