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Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution (Tucker Carlson Book)

The popular FOX News star of Tucker Carlson Tonight offers his signature fearless and funny political commentary on how America’s ruling class has failed everyday Americans in the #1 New York Times Bestseller.“You look on in horror, helpless and desperate. You have nowhere to go. You’re trapped on a ship of fools.”—From the Introduction In Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution, Tucker Carlson tells the truth about the new American elites, a group whose power and wealth has grown beyond imagination even as the rest of the country has withered. The people who run America now barely interact with it. They fly on their own planes, ski on their own mountains, watch sporting events far from the stands in sky boxes. They have total contempt for you.“They view America the way a private equity firm sizes up an aging conglomerate,” Carlson writes, “as something outdated they can profit from. When it fails, they’re gone.” In Ship of Fools, Tucker Carlson offers a blistering critique of our new overlords. Traditional liberals are gone, he writes. The patchouli-scented hand-wringers who worried about whales and defended free speech have been replaced by globalists who hide their hard-edged economic agenda behind the smokescreen of identity politics. They’ll outsource your job while lecturing you about transgender bathrooms. Left and right, Carlson says, are no longer meaningful categories in America. “The rift is between those who benefit from the status quo, and those who don’t.” Our leaders are fools, Carlson concludes, “unaware that they are captains of a sinking ship.” But in the signature and witty style that viewers of Tucker Carlson Tonight have come to enjoy, his book answers the all-important question: How do we put the country back on course?

March 1917: On the Brink of War and Revolution (Will Englund eBooks)

“Fast-paced history . . . full of haunting, unforgettable wartime images.” —David M. Shribman, Boston GlobeMarch 1917 is a riveting history of the month that transformed the world’s greatest nations as Russia faced revolution and America entered World War I. Drawing on a wealth of contemporary Russian and American diaries, memoirs, oral histories, and newspaper accounts, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Will Englund creates a highly detailed and textured account of America’s transformation from an isolationist nation to one that embraced an active role in shaping world affairs while at home Jim Crow still reigned. This fascinating examination considers the dreams of that year’s warriors, pacifists, activists, revolutionaries, and reactionaries—from Czar Nicholas II to Woodrow Wilson, from Theodore Roosevelt to the fiery congresswoman Jeannette Rankin—and demonstrates how their successes and failures constitute the origin story of our complex modern world.

Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution (John R. Bradley Book)

First published in 2008 with the subtitle The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution, this strikingly prophetic and critically acclaimed book caused an international media firestorm when it was banned by former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. When the revolution it uniquely predicted took place in January 2011, Inside Egypt became essential reading for anyone wanting to understand what led to revolutionary upheaval in the Arab world's most populous country. In a new Afterword, the author explores the revolution itself, and ponders the still precarious future of a country he lived in for a decade.

The Carter Administration and the Fall of Iran’s Pahlavi Dynasty: US-Iran Relations on the Brink of the 1979 Revolution (Javier Gil Guerrero Book)

This book is a tale of loss: the loss of Iran as America's main ally and agent in the Middle East and the downfall of the short-lived Pahlavi monarchy and America's inability and unwillingness to prevent its demise. Khomeini's triumph altered America's perception of Islam and fundamentally changed its relationship with Iran.

Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution (John R. Bradley Book)

The government of Egypt banned Inside Egypt in 2008—the first time a book on Egyptian politics had been banned in the country in decades—and quickly rescinded it after the media firestorm that followed. The book depicts the country before the collapse, and then explores recent events in Egypt and the realization of the predicted revolution. Through interviews with ordinary Egyptians and extensive travels in the country, Bradley reveals why Egypt was vulnerable to a popular uprising and how it could bring about an Iranian-style theocracy in a country once noted for its plurality and tolerance.

The Youth Pill: Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Aging Revolution (David Stipp Book)

In The Youth Pill, journalist David Stipp explores the scientific battle against aging and the pioneers of the movement to extend lifespan for everyone. He takes readers behind the scenes and introduces us to the key players who are experimenting with the most promising cutting-edge research. It is an informative and provocative read that shows how a small group of optimistic and determined scientists are closing in on drugs that will change the way we live forver.

Toward the Brink, 1785-1787 (The French Revolution, No. 4) (Claude Manceron Book)

A fourth volume in the history of the French Revolution focuses on events leading up to the Revolution during the years 1785 to 1787

Perilous Question: Reform or Revolution? Britain on the Brink, 1832 (Antonia Fraser Book)

The bestselling historical biographer Antonia Fraser turns her attention to the personalities caught up in the tempestuous period between July 1830 and the passing of the Great Reform Bill in June 1832. Against a backdrop of bad harvests, hunger and Swing riots, the book explores the struggle for and against reform by the reforming Whig aristocrats led by Lord Grey, the conservative opposition headed by the Duke of Wellington, and radicals such as William Cobbett, Francis Place and Thomas Attwood.

Toward the Brink, 1785-1787 (Age of the French Revolution, Vol 4) (Claude Manceron Book)

A fourth volume in the history of the French Revolution focuses on events leading up to it

Egypt on the Brink: From the Rise of Nasser to the Fall of Mubarak (Tarek Osman eBooks)

Tarek Osman's lively account of Egypt, its recent history, and myriad internal conflicts and frustrations, was published in November 2010 to immediate acclaim. Within months, the Egyptian people had risen in protest against the regime and President Mubarak was forced to resign. In this fully revised and updated edition, Osman tells the extraordinary story of the February 2011 protests, and discusses their implications for Egypt and the rest of the world.