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Might As Well Be Dead (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 27) (Rex Stout eBooks)

We'll All Die As Marines: One Marine's Journey from Private to Colonel (Jim Bathurst Book)

For seventeen-year-old high school dropout Jim Bathurst, the Marine Corps's reputation for making men out of boys was something he desperately needed when he enlisted in March of 1958. What began as a four-year hitch lasted nearly thirty-six years and included an interesting assortment of duty stations and assignments as both enlisted and officer. We'll All Die As Marines narrates a story about a young, free-spirited kid from Dundalk, Maryland, and how the Corps captured his body, mind, and spirit. Slowly, but persistently, the Corps transformed him into someone whose first love would forever be the United States Marine Corps. It documents not only his leadership, service, and training but also regales many tales of his fellow Marines that will have the reader laughing, cheering, and at times crying. In this memoir, Bathurst reveals that for him-a former DI who was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" Purple Heart, and a combat commission to second lieutenant-the Corps was not a job, a career, or even a profession; it was-and still is-a way of life.

Common Sense Parenting, 4th Ed.: Using Your Head as Well as Your Heart to Raise School Age Children (Array Book)

The authors ease the self-doubt and confusion of parenthood while answering the tough questions, including: Is social media safe for my son? How can I discipline my daughter so it actually makes a difference? Can I change my child's attitude about school? and Why should I praise my daughter for doing what she's expected to do? This award-winning book, in an updated fourth edition, offers expanded chapters on a range of parenting strategies.

We Might As Well Eat (Terry Barr Book)

"In We Might As Well Eat, Terry Barr’s second book of prose non-fiction, he is so effective and engaging with his use of the familiar essay that readers will find themselves wanting to join in with the other side of the conversation. However, this volume is more than just inviting. It is also filled with hard-earned courageous truths and a self-awareness far more keen than one ordinarily encounters." –Tim Peeler author of Checking Out and Wild in the Strike Zone

Well, That Didn't Go As Planned (Sheila Wolfe Book)

A tell all book about a life turned tragically up side down due to an unexpected tragedy. Wolfe was a young girl growing up in the tranquil middle class environment of Brooklyn New York in the 1950’s. Rather than a pursue a career as a dancer she chose the academic life. Her passions were theatre, reading and art. She and her friends dreamed of a life of happily ever after never prepared for the realities of adult life. After graduation from James Madison High School she went on to Hobart and William Smith Colleges where she encountered an under current of anti Semitism she never before faced, but was stimulated by a new world of learning. Marriage, children, a happy family life and successful career were the basic ingredients of Sheila’s life. Then, at age 54, Sheila’s adored son David, at age 29 met an untimely death. Her family’s life was turned upside down. Is this no-holds-barred memoir of her life from childhood to the present she tells her story with unflinching honesty and humor and the other complications of adult life. In spite of the tragedy she survived and went on to lead a productive life.

Salad as a Meal: Healthy Main-Dish Salads for Every Season (Patricia Wells Book)

Living Well as a Single Mom: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Money, Your Kids, and Your Personal Life (Cynthia Yates Book)

Combining her own experiences as a single mom with the insight of other moms, Cynthia Yates—author of Living Well on One Income—shares the practical and emotional way to live life well when a woman is raising her children alone.With empathy and biblical wisdom Cynthia addresses topics that are relevant topics including how to:cope with the fear, responsibility, and management of a familylean on the Lord and the church family for the sake of the kidsmanage the financial burden of being a single parentWith suggestions, guidance, and advice to assist mothers with kids of all ages, this resource will become the key to support and networking that all these women need.

Diabetes: Caring For Your Emotions As Well As Your Health, Second Edition (Array Book)

In an era of managed care, the newly diagnosed patient with diabetes goes home to face daily questions about how to cope with the disease. This extensively revised edition of a guide that has become truly indispensable covers all such questions: adjusting to the emotional impact of diabetes; making decisions about diet, exercise, types of medication, and new technology; finding the best care; and facing the uncertainty surrounding complications and their effect on marriage and family, sex, and career choice. A new resource section and up-to-date information on new research and improved self-management make this helpful and understanding book more essential than ever.

Nero Wolfe Might as Well be Dead (Rex Stout Book)

The History of the Devil As Well Ancient as Modern: In Two Parts (Daniel Defoe 1661-1731 eBooks)