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Salad as a Meal: Healthy Main-Dish Salads for Every Season (Patricia Wells Book)

Speak As Well As You Think: An Executive's Guide to Excellence in Public Speaking (Array Book)

It is not uncommon for seasoned business executives to feel confident in their fields of expertise, yet find themselves struggling when it comes to expressing their ideas clearly and effectively to sales teams, clients, and employees. And yet the ability to present well in front of a group is an essential skill for success at leadership levels in the business world. John M. Vautier, the author of Speak As Well As You Think, has coached more than a 1000 CEOs and senior leaders, and more than 3,000 executives, sales professionals and next generation leaders. He has enabled them to leap the gap - from struggling speaker and presenter to charismatic communicator. The Vautier system offers a set of proven techniques to instill skills executives can master and utilize to take their communication skills to the next level – to learn how to "speak as well as they think." Developed by communications and marketing experts, from exhaustive studies conducted in real-world situations, and embraced by Fortune 100 senior leaders, the executive communication skills coaching the Vautiers offer has been tried and proven effective again and again. Whether you seek to excel at the podium or in seated presentations in meeting rooms, this book can help. You will learn how to move, gesture, and connect with audience members. You will know what you need to do to be a standout communicator. The results? Learn to present well at the podium and you earn respect and grow your opportunities. Your audiences will be actively engaged, motivated, and inspired. You and your message will be elevated to new levels of status. What happens next? The sky’s the limit! The contents of Speak As Well As You Think include: - An overview of what happens when you speak as well as you think - The 7 elements of executive presence (what they see, what they hear) - Why comfort is optional - How two days of coaching helped an NFL star shine on letterman - The do’s and don’ts of executive presence - How to communicate with charisma, presence and power - Making the most of your speech and presentation options—informal to formal - The recipe for sharing a viewpoint - How to calmly weather the unexpected media interview or hostile Q&A - Communicating to the C-Suite – why shorter is better - Some thoughts on executive communications and authentic leadership

We Might as Well Die Here: The 53d Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry (Irvin G Myers Book)

We Might as Well Die Here is a descriptive and moving history of a regiment formed and trained to fight a war in which brother fought brother. They came from all walks of life, drawn together by their president to save a constitution they were all willing to die for. The men of the 53d Pennsylvania were the volunteers of 1861: young, na?ve, and ready to meet their opponent on the field of mortal combat. No time in the American experience were young men transformed from innocence of youth to the brutal ways of war and death so quickly.

We Might As Well Eat (Terry Barr Book)

"In We Might As Well Eat, Terry Barr’s second book of prose non-fiction, he is so effective and engaging with his use of the familiar essay that readers will find themselves wanting to join in with the other side of the conversation. However, this volume is more than just inviting. It is also filled with hard-earned courageous truths and a self-awareness far more keen than one ordinarily encounters." –Tim Peeler author of Checking Out and Wild in the Strike Zone

Might As Well Be Dead (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 27) (Rex Stout eBooks)

We Might As Well Call It The Lyric Essay (John (editor) D'Agata Book)

"We might as well call it the lyric essay because I don't think 'essay' means for most readers what essayists hope it does," John D'Agata writes in the book's introduction. "Or, we might as well call it the lyric essay because 'nonfiction' is far too limiting. Or, we might as well call it the lyric essay because 'creative nonfiction' -- let's face it -- is desperate..."

Alex As Well (Alyssa Brugman Book)

Alex is ready for things to change, in a big way. Everyone seems to think she's a boy, but for Alex the whole boy/girl thing isn't as simple as either/or, and when she decides girl is closer to the truth, no one knows how to react, least of all her parents. Undeterred, Alex begins to create a new identity for herself: ditching one school, enrolling in another, and throwing out most of her clothes. But the other Alex-the boy Alex-has a lot to say about that. Heartbreaking and droll in equal measures, Alex As Well by Alyssa Brugman is a brilliantly told story about being intersex, exploring gender and sexuality, navigating friendships, and finding a place to belong.“This book tackles the delicate topic of being intersex and gives a lot of insight into the problems associated with it, while still being a very enjoyable fiction read.” ―The Guardian"Readers of authors such as John Green will devour this novel.” ―Junior Bookseller & Publisher

Living Well as a Single Mom: A Practical Guide to Managing Your Money, Your Kids, and Your Personal Life (Cynthia Yates Book)

Combining her own experiences as a single mom with the insight of other moms, Cynthia Yates—author of Living Well on One Income—shares the practical and emotional way to live life well when a woman is raising her children alone.With empathy and biblical wisdom Cynthia addresses topics that are relevant topics including how to:cope with the fear, responsibility, and management of a familylean on the Lord and the church family for the sake of the kidsmanage the financial burden of being a single parentWith suggestions, guidance, and advice to assist mothers with kids of all ages, this resource will become the key to support and networking that all these women need.

Might As Well Laugh About It Now (Array Book)

The beloved entertainer and mother of eight talks about her highs and lows in the entertainment industry, her personal successes and failures, the decisions she made that changed her life for the better and worse, and the steps she took to find and pursue new opportunities along the way.

We Might As Well Win: On the Road to Success with the Mastermind Behind a Record-Setting Eight Tour de France Victories (Array Book)

On the tour and inside the mind of Johan Bruyneel, the winningest team leader in cycling history and the mastermind behind the success of the world’s most celebrated champion, Lance ArmstrongJohan Bruyneel knows what it takes to win. In 1998, this calculating Belgian and former professional cyclist looked a struggling rider and cancer survivor in the eye and said, “Look, if we’re going to ride the Tour, we might as well win.” In that powerful phrase a dynasty was born. With Bruyneel as his team director, Lance Armstrong seized a record seven straight Tour de France victories. In the meantime, Bruyneel innovated the sport of cycling and went on to prove he could win without his superstar -- in 2007 he took the Tour de France title with a young new team and a lot of nerve, sealing his place in sports history forever. We Might as Well Win takes readers behind the scenes of this amazing nine-year journey through the Alps and the Pyrenees, revealing a radical recipe for winning that readers can adapt from the bike to the boardroom to life. We witness Bruyneel’s near-death crash and comeback as a rider. We are privy to the many ways he and Armstrong outsmarted their opponents. We listen in on the team’s race radios to hear the secret strategies that inspire greatness from a disparate team. We learn how to make sure "not winning" isn’t the same as "losing" as Bruyneel struggles to prove himself -- post-Armstrong -- with new riders, new strategies, and skeptics around every corner. Whether mounting a difficult climb, or managing a team of thirty riders and forty support staff from a miniature car hurtling along narrow European roads, or looking a future legend in the eye and willing him to believe, Bruyneel is, and has always been, the consummate winner. Readers will relish this inside tour.